Level 1 Tabaxi Monk

Current status : Alive

Back Story

My Name is Xio of the Mellow Desert.The Western races call us Tabaxi, cat like creatures, but we are no more cats like than they are monkeys.

We come in different shapes,sizes, fur patterns and colours but most of the Western races all look the same, It’s very difficult to tell the difference between a human kitten against a dwarf.

I Hail from the planes of the shifting ground - a desert in the Far East.

My Mother The Mellow Desert Clan Leader told me of lands to the west where once the great snakes lived, our ancestors fought against the snakes for the freedom of the west. We managed to hold them back with the aid of the Elves and Dwarfs but we were broken, our once great civilisation ruined, we reverted back to our tribal ways and the desert grew, our life is hard.

The Elves remembered our struggle, the humans did not, we tried to help them rebuild but they saw us as monsters similar to the snakes.

But I will not let that sway me, I have travelled west, to find more information on the snakes of old, to see how the west will react to us, to restore our Clan, unite other clans and restore our Civilisation.

I have studied them, learned their languages but their customs still elude me, it is difficult. There are many who want to learn of us, to study us but there are those who will use that knowledge to exploit us so I must be careful.

I travelled out of the shifting sands, which the humans call the desert.

I arrived in the green land known as Faymoor, they were in a similar position to us small villages, social inequality and boggy marshland, it was a tough journey through and took a year to travel thorough.

Eventually I found a small village with some halfing farmers who took me in and agreed to escort me to the Imperium in exchange for help on the farm, I also assisted in protected the villages where the others could not, I do not like taking lives, even of animals but sometime the need arises.

I spent several months travelling around the Imperium, each place was strange and unnerving.

I befriended a noble man.

He tricked me and enslaved me as a spectacle, people cam from all over to see me chained up and fight other animals.

I managed to escape with the help of some of the common folk who smuggled me to White crest I must be more careful of whom I trust, I will look for outcasts like myself.

I must improve my skills and find away to accomplish the goal of restoring the Tabaxi Civilisation.

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