Level 1 Goliath Barbarian

Current Status : Alive

Hunter of Cultists

My name is Vimak, until my 15th birthday i was living in piece with my tribe in the northern part of the Baroby of Northborough.

All this changed when a group of cultists settled in close to our tribes land. Clearly these cultists were from the south as they struggled in the cold.

At first the relation between their group and our tribe was peaceful, we started off good with us helping them building shelters and them teaching us a few tricks learned in the south.

But eventually we learned why they were banished by their own tribe, they started experimenting with magic, odd chemicals and even necromancy. These were acts we did not take kindness to. And when my parents went to them to talk about it, I witnessed with my own eyes that my parents were stabbed in the back by the cultists. This was the start of the war between our tribe and the cultists. The war bloodied the area, both sides took heavy losses. In the end the cultists fled from our lands, while we remained behind. Though we were rid of the cultists, the tribe was not destined to survive. The cultists had left us with too few numbers to repopulate. And with the surrounding land being poisoned and depleted, the tribe had to leave the area as well.

So, my parents were killed, most people that I knew were killed and our land was a heaping pile of shit. I ended up doing the responsible thing, I went after the cultists. All alone, me against nature and a bunch of cold-hating cultists.

My approach was stealthy, I learned that its better to approach in quiet then running in like an idiot. But once you get close… that’s when the fun begins.

I’ve given myself the last name “hunter” due to my ability to track down and hunt cultist. My arch enemy are cultists that wear the symbol of Otarra (An upright and shattered sword, which has been broken in half.)

Without realizing it, I crossing the border into the Barody of whiteforst. I ended up in a town called Wildhaven were I’m gathering intel about cultist behavior. My story begins in the local tavern…

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