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Session 9 Notes

The Party gives You some gold to buy the Axe. Stormsedge from the Mithril Arms

Xio trys to buska but the people of edgeport dislike the songs.

You tries selling his battle axe, but is unsuccessful

You finds a small young boy to give his axe to…

His name is Alan.

Mella tries to sneak in but is kicked out

Xio tries to see upstairs but encounters a women trying to get dressed and runs away.

You tries a friery beer. Red Dragon Ale

Benjimin has a water.

Vmak has a weak beer.

the tavern is run down and tatty,

xio manges to escape.

Mella discovers some unsaviouries plotting to do nasty deed while guarding the basement


Nymira needs more body guards they want to take the place as the bodyguards.

in the tavern they find people with blackened leather armour - circle with upside down triangle.

Red Dragonborn, wearing regal cloting with emblem of a ship on open waves.

oak tree on shield and iron chains linking inside a circle

Benjimin and You goes looking for Alchemist fire and finds Shet a gnome who sells him alchemist fire and oil.

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