Session 8 Notes

Arriving at Edgeport

The Townsguard pointed to a spire in the distance where the Towns Master reside.

We attract a lot of attention as we walk through the market.

Orif Stonehammer- Captin of the Guard, at Edgeport (female)

Build like a Miniture Fortess

Orif looks like in her 50s

Her room looks minimilstic

18GP reward

Xio finds a strange women who works Patricas Bakery who gives me a strange floury substance.

You finds some a half-elf Aler to sell him weaponry.

A Crossbow with Runes with Fire damage. “Flametounge”

Incantation : “By the power of Gammesh fire be with you”

Vmak gets lost

You comes across the Scoundrals Pipe

Vmak still lost finds lots of missing children posters.

You finds The Burning Fiddle inn and the Mithril Arms, with an axe called “Stormsedge”

+1 magical, as a bonus action 1 perday for the next minute the next attack will deal 1d6 thunder damage

Xio starts brewing, doesn't like the outcome and starts again

Vmak still lost but finds his way back to the market.

Vmak finds Victors Empirum to indentify the two handed axe. “ripper”

On hit con save dc 13 on fail user takes damage over time (1d4) save ends

Victor says that none of the nobles havehave thier children capured.

3 main clans of the town, Ironbrooks, Oakshield and Wayfarers.

Benjimin finds the Jeweled Elephant

Burning Fiddle, Drunken Fox, Scoundrles Pipe

Vmak finds 2 Orphans Ara and Beiro

Aras friend Nym went missing.

He went to Patricas Bakery

Vmak and the escorts the orphans to the Burning Fiddle

3 Halfing bards play inside.

Barkeep - human

Xio and You try the alcohol gives a ashy / bone taste.

The next day

Vmak approaches the town guard to investigate the bakery.

Vmak goes to the bakery.

Xio has an argument, with the guard but Vmak lets us in.

Vmak confonts Patricia and knocks out the guards.

Patricia turns purple and reveals her true form, she opens a trap door.

Combat ensues

Vmak gets hit by Ray of Enfeeblement

The Hag disapears.

Some of he party find the bones.

The hag re-appears and is taken down by Mella.

The Guard - Alia

You reveals he was an ex guard

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