Session 7 Notes

We set out from Wildhaven and after a day of travel

Vmak loses the path and we end up in a forest.

A small encapment smoldering campfire.

upon investiation we found orc tracks and a small child, Henry.

An Ogre approaches.

Mells creates a spike growth area.

The Ogre throws a boulder at Vmak and Benjimin.

Xio rushes to Yous help

You braces for an Ogres attack.

The Spike Growth fades.

We finish off the Ogre and head out.

We come across the Orc Encampment.

We wait until the Orcs are going to sleep.

Xio managed to get 4 of the prisoners out trying to get into the other cage triggered the guards.

Mella distracted the guards and Xio managed to take a injured prisoner to safety and re-engaged

Benjimin an Vmak slaying orcs and Mella turnes into a bear.

The Cheiften Orc engages and attacks Xio with advantage knocking him unconcious.

Mella revives Xio.

Only the Cheiftan remains.

After a few rounds, You takes down the Chieftan.

looking around we find some fine weaponry and armour.

Magical sword with possible ice damage.

We arrive at Edgeport

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