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Session 6 Notes

Tribe of Orcs - warband spotted in the North attacking merchant near Edgeport.

Storm brewing in the West, ice / snow storm.

We go looking for work but arn't able to help much.

Bejimin finds an old man who is in need and is reqwarded with silver.

Xio goes looking for flowers and berries.

Vimak, chops timbre and sells firewood as business plan.

Vimaks new Business “Need Wood?”

Vimak managed to sell all his wood.

Mella goes hunting, doesn't find anything.

You gets cozy with the locals, they seem to like him.

A couple of half elves, humans and dwarf with black cloaks.

After the drinks one of the half elves looks like they are looking for us.

Black and Red and Gold trims , Motifs, Golden Flame embroyed.

Dwarf of Left side rising sun on his chest.

Half Elfs, Rangers with bows. Dwarf has a Large Axe, Human - Magic user.

We set up an ambush for the group.

After some diplomicy the dwarf threw a handaxe and we engaged.

We subdue them and peace returns..

The Next day we head to the Garrison and we find a Female Dwarf who points us towards Ballazar Bronzescale who is interigating the Prisoners.

Someone who had hired them to rough us up.

Sovereign possibly Rolen Greenfellow posibly in this village.

Seems like a good citizen

Andrew and Ardan, are tasked with taken in for questioning.

We approach Rolens house.

Xio enters via the chimley.

The door is baracaded from the inside, there is no other exit

Acid smell in the bedroom, childrens tales and myths, alchemy things.

Benjimin studies the Chemicals found.

We find a secret door.

Vmak gets prayed with some kind of poison trying to open it.

We feel a cold shiver and we roll for inititive.

Theres a shadowy figure from under the wardrobe.

In the hidden passage, crimson robes and masks with a trap door.

a black oily humanoid shape appears from the otherside of the trap door

Xio manages to pull off one from Mella.

We finish off the Shadows, take a ceromonial robes and a golden mask.

In the basement we find semi finsihed weapon

Rolen had a letter from the prophet

Looks like he left for an encapment, but doesn't say where.

Looks like the acid is based on a red bell flower which has been mixed with somthing.

Bejimin finds its mixed with,Jade Flower.

We identify a couple of potion of healing and potion of invisibility

Edgeport has a larger population.

— post note —

Someone must have been inside, escaped via invisibility potion.

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