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Session 5 Notes

We found ourselves at the mercy of some skeletons, but they were quickly dispatched.

You Didn't find much on them.

You finds a couple of dead bodies, they seem recent kills, unknown cause of death

Magical Runes on the ground, unknown purpose.

Xio Climbs up and over.

On a closer inspect, theres no visible wounds, with blackend skin.

You wanted to Maim them, Xio misunderstood and thought he said Name.

John and Bob are Zombies.

After a debate we check out

We found a statue, young female, grey flowing robe, scales in one hand, open hand in another. Unable to if it's the same person as the ghost.

Mella takes a bow.

The Breaziers are hot

Kela Godess of Death and Endings

Depolores necromancy.- Lawfull

Kela gives Mella a small boon.

We finish a short rest, and investigate another room.

A portcutlis slams down locking You and Mella in a room with zombies and a strange lever.

Mella pulls the lever and transforms into a bear.

We finish off the zombie and find they belong to the Pinewater Family. They all seem to have died without signs of any damage to the bodies.

We moved on through a set of double doors, to find a room with a sarcoficus.

We found another room with a glowing corpse.

The Ghost lets out a scream.

Mella and Vmak go unconscious

Xio wakes up Mella

We kill one skeleton but the Ghost engages Mella dealing Necrotic damage - is this what killed the Pinewaters?

Mella wants to rename You to dickface, Ben wants to name him Tommydoubleaxis.

Mella works out the Ghost is connected to the glowing body.

You finishes off the body and the ghost and the remaining skeleton, and fog disappears.

Necromancy and blood magic scrolls.

A journal Frey Pinewater

last passage 3328 - current 3562 year

Husband is keeping eye on Pinkwater.

Sovereign have been involved.

Crimson Brotherhood involved.

Spells and Rituals, Scroll of False Life, Scroll of Speak with Dead.

Map of Pinewater Estate with movement of the guard and notes on Family Members.

Lucas Pinewater, person of interest.

We open the Coffin of Lucas, no body inside. Recently made.

Benjimin finds other Pinewater Family coffin.

We leave the the Estate and make our way back to Wildhaven

After a good meal we visit the Village Master.

Village Master seems truthfull. He seems agitiated bout the Crimson Brotherhood.

We recieved 2GP each and the Village master and he got a copy of the jounral.

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