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Session 4 Notes

I tie up Fodmoc Craghide

We investigate the cave.

We split the money of 18gp 9 silver

Benjamin finds Theives Cant Reckonises Fordir the blacksmith - a dwarf.

He finds another note : White jackles working against the Baron.- Crimson Brotherhood, looking to overthrow the Barony.

Baldir's Folly- Crimson Brotherhood will wait for the White Jackles. Signed by the Profit

Samual Tarn

We settle down for the night and You hears gentle whispers outside.

A Dwarf sets off the trap

A hunting party returns.

Battle ensues

We cut off 23 heads

We returned to Ballazar Bronzescale and hand in the heads we turn over Fodmoc Craghide

We recieve a 46 gold.

The Pinewater Estate

We head to the Pinewater Estate and find the ruins, there are statues

Statue - Dwarven design - Dwarven god unknown which one

Dead body humanoid unknown race

Benjimin approaches the body

He finds a switch and basement to the Crypts.

Heavy damage scattered everywhere.

Inscriptions on the otherside of the room - magical.

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