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Session 3 Notes

…Continuing the battle.

We angered Fodmoc Craghide a dwarf possbily in charge of the White Jackles.

Vimak goes down

Xio is bloodied

Mella transformed into her original form and casts Cure Wounds on Vimak

We set up some logs and re-engaged into combat.

Xio is peppered with arrows and goes down.

You revives Xio with a health potion and the party retreats.

We take a long rest…

Mella takes the first watch with noises of wolves in the distance

You… second watch noises of Wovles

Vimak… third watch… Wovles distant.

Xio … fouth watch … scouting party spoted.

Benjimin fith watch … none.

After the long rest we headed back to the cave..

We set up a trap behind us and made our way into the cave, the bandits seem to have set up defences.

We managed to clear out the the cave and subdue Fodmoc Craghide.

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