Session 2 Notes

During our short rest, we encounter 2 brown bears.

We manage to ward off the bears and we returned to town.

A merchant carvan ransaked - two survived. White Jackles- Bounty

+2gp each from the quest reward.

Malwin - old man enterterd the tavern and started a convo.

He looks for adventures for the pinewater estate

All the family died, something evil killed them.

I washed my clothes in the fountain and took a long rest in a corner.

Benjimin created poison with spider parts (spider venom) and a flower (Spider Venom) which Mella found.

Bejimin created a spider walk potion

Level 2!

Ballazar Bronzescale - town guard Captain.

Sent guardsmen up north.

Possibilly 100s of them

Bandit/ Thiefs.

Fireday 20th day of Firemoon.

We rented 3 horses and moved north east.

We took a days travel and a few hours and we come across the attack site.

The winters Road.

We found a campsite. Xio thinks they may be able to move in the trees.

Some Guard dogs too, tracks look fairly easy.

We enterd the Trials of Iredus.

We found tracks leading into a cave.

We tried sneaking up on the cave but was ambushed.

Mella transformed into a brown bear and dispatched the ambushers

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