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Session 28 Notes


Blossom - Friend of the family.

Swift Star Mother found Cavern - serpentine war - several weeks ago.

Mellow desert clan.

We head off to find swift star

We come across a series skeletal build petra - not yaun-tai

Humanoid sand creations? / turned to stone?

Runes on the sand creations - sparks on runes

tabxi arcitecture -during the fall of the empire.

dust away sand from one of the sand creatures and it folds into dust.

Necromancy / Time magics.

bon fire / recent

we enter - decrepid

ilusion time / magic.

adventure - mid 30s - eastern culture - cowering

old alchemy lab? -TS: empty / dusty vials alchemy

a flurry of activity up the second set of stairs. - tabaxi footsteps

scratch marks on the back of the door

Another room with sarcophagus with tributes.

Quiet Bird

Kind Beach

Quirky Bit

Sarcophacous trapped - acidic

tabaxi remains

We find a secret lever and staircase.

100 ft down.

anceint tabaxi with brandings - tatoos , markings / mummies / cult

We kill the mummies but vmak becomes cursed

magical wards blitz across all

dead tabaxi staked into an altar - Jolly

Stripes - Spark

partially collapsed - old room of worship

don't recognise.

large tabaxi with carved bone and a cube with crimson light.

we take down the mummy lord

cube is metal with many scripts - magus cube. can bend reality and time.

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