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Session 27 Notes

We head out into the desert with the guide of Gaim

A settlement - boarding on the oasis.

we avoid the oasis the head straight for the sandstorm

death valley/ thousand needles style terrain.

multilayers pathways

the ground starts to shake — Great Sandworm - -

Outline of a tower - Strange things go on - unnatural

Benjimin - has greater potions - normal potions - and potions of speed - a potion of heroism.

We find the tower and the eye of the storm.

Plantlife and signs of people living in the tower.

Giants door?

Wind elemental in plate metal - runes written in giant.

Zilor Stormcaller

Vmak persuades the air elemental to take us to Zilor.

Blue skin - on his hand's gauntlets with gold and platinum - faint fiery glow.

Araxohious - Zilors wife -Dead.

Arcane and sciences. gyroscopic looking device.

Zilor channels energies - Kingsfort - destruction - demons flying through

lots of buildings flattened - abyssal -carvings -summoning circle - portal

Grand Summoning Circle - connected to the desolate void- to summon arc demon.

5 large crystals - barrier defence.


The tower disappears.

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