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Session 25

We head off to Dusken

4 main trading families,

  • ravenwater
  • Goldhill
  • Westbard
  • Gillmore

4 taverns nearby

  • The mighty griffon
  • The blue lagoon
  • Mad jester
  • Thrifty merchant

We head to the Blue Lagoon

We find a wizard type - Adir

Sage of Zarazhan.

People on edge - more so than normal.

Wizards summons - Demon Breaker

The Mad Jester- owned by the Brotherhood

Pub Crawl!

Female tiefling bartender - brotherhood member.

Arden - brotherhood memeber

Something intelligent in the sewers

Nora - dwarf lost in the sewers

Sewers labyrinth.

3 individuals - made of stone

20 feet of wall spherical exposed into the side of the tunnel.

dust /powder on the floor

a natural tunnel - faint magical glow

We find an arena.

Armour with a halberd to the side.

Ghostly like figure inside the armour.

blue / red blood in the area

We kill a suit of armour and a behir

we find 4 chandeliers depicting an eye and tendrils

Mural depicts.

  • 1st: creature sitting on collections of treasure
  • 2nd : creature is injured fighting a dragon
  • 3: looking for a new home
  • 4: moved into dusken
  • 5: blasting holes into the rock work
  • 6: standing in the centre of a chamber
  • 7: collecting treasures
  • 8: creature sitting on a treasure
  • 9: servants reestablished

We encounter a Beholder

we find a kitchen with food being prepped

A throne with a banquet table.

A thick tome with unknown scrawling - wizards spellbook

We head up and find another corridor with runes and a circle

We find many find artefacts

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