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Session 24 Notes

Teleport: Gold haven.

Very hot and arid.

Something large in the waters?

Ol' Ted may have seen the monster. - Serverd on the Morning weather

Firestout ale - chilis mixed in

Tidehunter - converted warship

Verenda Seawarden Scar down one side of the face - respect of the crew

Dragon in the sea?

Hour / hour half journy

Crew Tension

2 large fins 30“ft

few more smaller humanoid

Dragon Turtle

Artefact Underwater cave in the reef.

Mella and benjamin scout ahead

Zalar - the dragon title

Keeps his treaure in clear mist isle

has a steam breath

razer fin tribe live on the isle with the Turtle.

Waist-high water.

we head further into the cave

a fisherman strung up and scared / slashed marks - been here about a week or so.

We find another one

further in we find a group of marrow

Dragon mount ale - fine top quality

We find the artefact:

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