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Session 23 Notes

We arrive at castamere to look for a teleportation circle.

We arrive at a tavern- the sly fox.

Odor has spent cigars and alcohol.

One guy has an orb - arcane implement.

We talk to Gerald in a backroom.

Grey Tankard


Xio, buys a lot of alcohol.

Vmak, buys a bag of holding.

Ring 2d6 lightning damage, spend charges for all attacks for the next 1 min, or all charges to cast lightning bolt. - 250g

Necklace of Primal fury - made of teeth - crit on a 19 or 20 - plus while raging additional 1d6

Vmak has a brass ring of fire elemental - once per day summon a fire elemental +resistance to fire damage.

Jewellers Pride - halflings

Zeratas - blade of the hunter -elven design. +2 one haded - d8 - bonus action 2d6 poison - resistance to poison - 2d6 beasts and dragons.

Flask - monk - nimble and agile. Cask of secret juju 10 swigs - for next 1d4 hours dexterity 22 - advantage acrobatics checks.

- 150 gp (bag of holding) for Xio - 150 gp (bag of holding) for All - 350 gp (orb for druid damage) - 250 gp (ring of lightning for quincy) - 150 gp (necklace for cyndris) - 400 gp (sword with 5 extra abilities for cluster)

latern of truesight

We teleport to a high quality looking marble room with braizers and.

wearing royal blue and gold

Tower of Zarazan.

endless libaries,

magic school.

no guards, no fights, pushing the fields of magic.

9 individuals, sitting on thrones - large with runes and carvings

Golden eye in the centre.

Lady Xilyara Summerdream

Council of Zarazan

Demon Star - Meteror.

Merzanoph - the great demon.

lives desolate void

wants to align the plane.

Skins and hair and blue - water Genasi - aura Deepshore

On the third day, we are called into the library

Lady Arielle Basilwood

14 artefacts of godly powers Vestiges of the Divine.

they have found the locations.

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