Session 21 Notes

We follow the adventures and arrive at the castle.

Early 40s, quite scared Renarde.

Gold Drgonborn.

Dressed like Jarrard

Dressed flowing white robes with red waist.

Jadar Emberglaze - kings advisor

Jarrard apart of Order of Demonologists

Royal blue and gold motifs.

Nobles may have known about the attack.

Response from Tabaxi.

 watch the situation, keep us updated.

We head down into the depths to try and find the escape tunnel.

The stench of decay, musky, poor airflow.

A large bulky door - recently used - slightly ajar.

Few footsteps through the door - within a couple of hours.

Stone sarcofocus lid open and broken.

Decay and death, bones scattered.

Lots of footprints.

wisps of light

lots of skeletons come forth and attack.

WE find flowing water which pools around a tomb

Renarde Whitespear.

You find a switch on a tomb, which opens a secret door.

the secret room has a crest on each.

  • Lion on a shield.- White Spear Family.
  • Boar
  • Fox - Brightsparks
  • Buffalo
  • Elk
  • Elephant
  • Nicholas Whitespear
  • Troy Whitespear
  • Hubert Whitespear
  • Gale Brightspark
  • Edward Blazewalker

Blazewalkers - Brotherhood of the red banner. - Secret society.

Keyhole in each column seems to have multiple traps.

They manage to pick the mechanism and activated a lift which drops the party into the lower levels.

Vmak and Xio get stuck on the other side of the door , but Vmak uses xio to push through the door.

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