Session 19

We hear sounds of battle from the direction we're going.

A large creature comes around the corner.

Another Hezru is attacking Clasp Members.

We take two down.

Human, late 40's scar, red hair - Jana Stonemaiden

Black Dragonborn, all and broad. - Erabroth Telrad

More attacks elsewhere.

Xanda Von Creed.

We enter a deep underground city, 100/ 200 people

A large tower in the middle - rickety.

There have been many attacks to the east.

a Warehouse - yar?? Merchant

Xander gives you about 80gp.

We leave and find a trial of blood

seems to lead to a warehouse.

we come to the warehouse and it's quiet except chanting inside

Kaz'gadon - summoning

a large black demonic creature. - vrock

Demonic symbols and lots of corpses

We kill the cultists and a bright light emanates.

Level 7!

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