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Session 18

Heading to Kingsfort

lots of guards, 12 or so

Royal Blue head to toe in robes

Monk-like, white with red sashes.

Black Flagon - Rustic style tavern

Halfing Bards playing music

Lots of people unedge

lots of establishment closing down.

2 Verne Bronzewood and Ferole Longfield for frontrunners for succession to the throne.

Disappearances - few individuals have gone missing.

Scarlet Chapel

Dwarf - with a gold motif.

Worships gods,

20+ more missing.

Clasp - the criminal underbelly of the city.

Edgard - head of the town guard, more interested in results.

The Order of the Equitable Dawn

3 nights ago was the last disappearance.

Someone dragged through, sewer grate, ash moss.

Royal Estate infiltrate.

The Clasp.

White Flowing robes, red hoods, human, teifling,

We head over to the Towns Guard.

Lots of activity.

The investigation ongoing, beggers, merchants, and mercenaries.


Halfelf in plate mail - Edgard.

Various entities struggling for power.

We head down the sewers and find 3

Blackend masks.

we kill the minions and knock out the leader.

Parchment with numbers

2, 4 ,7 ,8 ,6 - navigation

Slum in the south

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