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Session 17

We hear a voice calling down from below.

We descend into a cellar and find a black orb - demonise - Abysall Runes - Orb of Scrying.

Desolate Void - words Kerzimoph lord of all demons - bringer choas

Mella cures the wounds of an individual. - Julian - Julian's wares.

We find ornate daggers - one warm one cold - we give them to Benjamin

Flame Tougne + 1d6 fire

Frostbite +1 dagger 1d6 cold

Half-Elf - Veteran - holding - High Inqisidor Adin.

Adin casts a spell

Coin pouch - 250 gp

Purple / Black comet appears over the city

The King has died - no details

Uralin sends the party to julians. - 50gp

Xio and Vmak head to Camadous.

Demons speaking abyssal and common.

Anora Thunderhammer Apothecary - healing potions

She also sells

Giant Strength potions

Duradin - Black Smith


We head off Adin

The Black Orb is having magical scrying.

Herald of the end of days

Commet and the Kings death linked.

Esme Firehearth - Wizard

Scarlet Chapel

We set off south, Vmak leads the party - we get lost

We encounter 4 town guards

Looting and a power vacuum is being a problem.

We encounter shadow demons

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