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Session 16 Notes

Exploring the sewer tunnels

The rest of the party join Xio in the sewers

We're attacked by a monster from the water

ki 3/5

we kill the Otyugh

Mella hears some people running away, Xio.

blackened robes look like a mercenary

Amulet has a religious meaning but doesn't know what for

Masquerade with a feather on it.

A sermon going on, praising a god

We climb up and find ourselves in a church

Temple of Wintercrest

Vobara - lies and secrets

We head back to the sewers

Xio volunteers to deep dive into a tunnel

At the bottom, is a skull and other matter

Xio manages to find a lot of things, bones and flayed flesh

We find Pendant with an emerald green gemstone, light hue green glow.

Brightspark identifies the amulet gives +1 spell save DC +1 Spell attack - Mella

We head back to the temple and discover the patrons are demons

Vmak finds a secret tunnel which erupts from it a large demon

We finally defeat the demons

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