Session 15

Level Up!

You, Ben and Vmak investigate the cellar

Camadous Brightspark looks like he wants the Drider giblets

Mella tried to lead the way but can't find the way Xio, tries and manages to get through Baldirs Folly, through The Frigid Peaks and we arrive in Wintercrest

Dodgey dealing at night in Wintercrest

Justicar is looking into it

We interrupt a market stall who directs us to

Brightspark Establishment

We arrive at the Establishment- it's a very fancy establishment

Human, gold motives fancy clothing.

Cloak of Protection -

Shield of Resistance

Swift Song - Rare - Attiuenment + 1

5 Charges - 1 charge hitting opponent adds 1d6 force.

Or 3 charges gains an action surge

1d4+1 on a new day.

Armourer Stonewalker or Justicar Embasy

You decide to talk to the head of the guard, at the barracks

We are met by a Gnome

In full plate mail - regal-looking dwarf

The murders seem to be symbolic, and ritualistic.

There seem to be no connections between the murders.

A couple of Shadow Guilds.

Hearts / Liver / Lungs missing

Sarek Geentender- guild member - kill 7

We look at the bodies.

Majority of them are Human.

8 Humans

3 Dwarfs


Arms are torn apart - organs removed.

All died in horrific means.

Torn off - animal signs

Moss growing / dark green / gray

Ash Moss - found on places of desecration

Sewers are linked with the catacombs.

They give us a guard badge.

You find the sewer.

You and Xio climbs down - the ladder is rickety and a stone

moss growing at the bottom of the ladder.

The ladder collapses and You falls.

Xio manages to catch himself.

We make it back up and move to #5

The Grate has been disturbed and Ash Moss is around.

Cross Road Section going to #3 7 + 6

We head to 7

The guard tip You 1gp and take a rest

The Manhole cover has been launched

Ash Moss

Xio scouts the tunnels while the reset of the party goes above.

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