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Session 14 Notes

We have time to look around.

Xio finds a cloak with gold filigrees which buzzes with energy, and dwarven style staff.

You finds lots of food

Benjamin finds a shield with Abysall writing.

Mella and Xio on the way back to town find a pile of bloody bodies which looks to be a mercantile party

All humans but one which is a dwarf.

You find a note :

Crimson Brotherhood

Camadus Brightspark - wizard - winter crest - looking for body parts

A powerful creature in Baldirs Folly

Arrows dipped in poison

Xio plays the flute and lures in some wolves.

Benjamin and You try and deter the wolves with food but only some of them take the bait while Xio hides in a tree.

Benjamin and You distract the wolves and the party makes an escape

after a while Mella finds some owls and they guide us to a dilapidated house

You get the door open and Vmak enters to reveal a trap but his danger sense stops him from falling down

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