Session 12

We get a little lost.

We see strange figures approach

We try to hide but they are Manticoress seemly being ridden Crimson Brotherhood members

After poor deception from Vmak and a bad shot from Benjimin we roll for initiative

The rider seems to bleeding black blood.

Once dead the rider seems into the ground with a puff of smoke.

Vmak finds a cave.

Xio tried to make some alcohol but fails stinking out the cave

Vmak tries to go out scouting, doesn't find anything interesting.

Level up!

We eventually arrive back to Edgeport

We go to Orif Stonehammer

She gives us board for the night at the Burning fiddle

With the help of Carl we manage to a flowery ale

Vmak goes to find some kids….

He takes them to the local pub and gives them bed board and clothes for the night.

Orif Stonehammer join us for breakfast along with some Mercs.

Corban the leader of the mercs


We return to the Tower of Omen and ambush an encampment outside.

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