Session 11

After a few days travel we see a tower cropping up in the distance.

The tower is in disorder and attempts to restore it.

Cracks of thunder are heard in the distance.

There is an encampment.

The tower of omens, which was used to detect the future.

The tower was abandoned centuries ago.

Jade oriental in nature. the Prophets newest apprentice.

They want to test us.

Cera - second hand - magical in nature / relgious / multiple idols and a tome.

They've been recruiting a lot of people. hence the restorations.

Sumara - a culist - edgeport - been with brotherhood 6 months.

Owned a General store - but didn't like the taxes - or guards - felt like persucution

Sumaras wares in edgeport.

Tei - lost familly in an orc attack. - blames the barony.

You looks for food.

Vmak -goes looking for axe sharpining.

Vaar- culist blacksmith.

Looking for mining of iron from the mountain side.

Our test is of our morals and wills.

A large shadowy figure appears after a small ritual.

8 / 9ft tall - yellow eyes like flames - sparky gaze onto us.

The figure speaks into abysall -

Tolgaf - wants to know who we are.

Tolgaf probes Xios mind.

Xio is accepted into the brotherhood.

You tell is Tolgaf he is here to protect Xio.

You is proven worthy.

Mella is proven worthy.

Vmak presents his case -not so much worthy

Ben - joins the brotherhood.

We are now children of Togaf

We celebrate.

As we sleep, we see images of armys with brothers - the barons and nobles being cast out into the wilderness.

The shapes shift and change and grow - skin turns demonic - balrog?

A beam of light splits the dream.

Cera askes us to go out and get supplies.

Cera doesn't want to give any details on Torgaf.

We find wagon tracks that looks like it comes from the Tower of Omens.

We find a severed arm, child - about 10 years, other discarded parts

Xio finds some nice berrys and things.

We find a bit of jewlery and leather and severed head - human - cut clean off - weeeks / month old.

We find a large pile of dead things / wagons /

Around 20 bodys - discarded cloths and things- bitten - animal - wolf bites - not cause of death - looks like murder

We encounter some Dire Wolves and normal wolves

We finish off the wolves

Xio finds some exoitc herbs and flowers.

Jade finds a group of merchants and supplies.

The Prophet is torturing the found merchants - he believes they are spys.

Xio talks to the prophet and is unconvinced of his story, so the party splits.

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