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Session 10 Notes

You trying to talk Benjimin from burning the place down.

Benjimin has apparently done this multiple times.

Ben and You talk to the town guard captain:

The Captain an a few guards head to the Scoundrels pipe.

A fight breaks out in the basement.

we easily subdue the first room.

Ben, still is thinking of the burning the tavern down, the captain disagrees.

Ben opens the door and a couple fall through.

Xio pulls the two mercs down the stairs.

One of them is going to pick up the alchemist fire and casts it onto the ground spreading everywhere.

We decided to run and set the place on fire.

We gave the mercenaries a chance to survive but they decided to die instead.

Scoundrels pipe is burnt to the ground.

The Town guard returns to the barracks.

We spend the night at the Fox.

We tried to find a healing potion after a couple of hours we find.

Roots and Droughts a small back street apothecary manned by a small halfling.

she is trying to sell the health potions for 25gp ea.

she also has a potion of flying

There is also alchemical books. One Ben buys.

We head out and clamber up a cliff and find a small rockslide,

Xio climbs across and throws over a rope.

The party eventually makes it over.

We encounter 2 weird large centipede things.Ankheg

after an intense battle, we managed to take them down.

we take a short rest, the rest of the day goes without a hitch.

We see smoke rising off the path, we decide to investigate.

There doesn't seem to be signs of movement.

We find an owl and people in a tent, a male and female.

They have crimson hoods.

The owl comes down and druid shapeshifts.

We parle with the druid.

She starts taking us to the others.

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