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Session 1 Notes

Location : Wildhaven

Mella Fathters name : “karl”

Vimak looking for cultist.

A commotion outside of the tavern >Benjimin : Wood and Metal man arrives

You put to work for being an orc, used to work as a city guard Gerhart Frostbloom : Barkeep at the Elk and Boar

Sally Mornblower : Maid at the Elk and Boar

A Notice board outside the Elk and Boar have 2 missions Missing and Investigation

Xio left the Elk and Boar without paying

You paid for it.

5 villages missing , 6 days missing tiaocarpentry- reward

Investigate: slightly mocking - rumors of super natrual goings on pinewater estate, rewards for retrieveal.

Vimak went and met with Tiao Southspring a tiefling carpentry who got the the party to sign a contract on retrieval of the missing villagers (Xio did not sign)

Into the Forest

We travelled long and arrived in Mistwood.

We came across an encampment which belonged to the villagers Mella used her animal skills and the Rams pulling the carts agreed to show us where they last saw the villagers.

Xio also noticed somthing moving up ahead in the forest.

As we travelled further into the forest we encounterd spiders which we quickly dispatched.

We tavelled further folowing the tracks of the villagers and came across webbed caccons as Xio tried to unwrap to see what was inside but was engaged by more spiders and two huge spiders!

You went down in the battle but we were victorious.

The party then unwrapped the villagers whom were gratefull.

We set off to return back to the camp and took a short rest.

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